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OHF Rocks

This is a fun scavenger hunt for children 12 and under taking place from June 24th – August 17th, 2023. We have decorated rocks with “OHF” on one side and a number on the underside. Rocks are hidden in locations within our catchment area. Locations are listed on the OHF Rocks passport. Once you find the rock, write the number of the rock next to the location on the passport where you found it. Prizes available if you are able to find 15 or more rocks!

You can download a passport by clicking the button below.  Passports are also available at the Reading Library, Sherburne Library, Abbott Memorial Library, Norman Williams Public Library, Plymouth Community Center, Woodstock Rec Center, and the OHF office.

To return your passport come see us at our booth at Taste of Woodstock on Saturday, August 12th from 10am-6pm.  Or drop it off at our office Monday-Thursday during our drop-in office hours.