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Caregiver Referral

caregiver referrals woodstock vermont area ottaquechee health foundationThe Martha Lussier Health Information and Referral Service (HIRS) served the greater Woodstock Community by making referrals from a registry of experienced caregivers, without charge, to all families and individuals who are seeking in-home assistance.  This is particularly important to family members who desperately need a respite from their role as on-going caregivers.

Since December 2014 caregiver referrals have been managed through the Ottauquechee Health Foundation office.  HIRS merged with OHF in 2012.

The OHF Caregiver Referral Service connects community members with caregivers to help with bathing, food preparation, housecleaning, and general supervision to keep people safe in their homes. In addition, it provides employment opportunities in the community. For those who need a caregiver but cannot afford to hire one, OHF homecare grants are available to meet short term needs.

If you know of someone who needs a caregiver or who is a caregiver interested in being listed on the OHF Caregiver Registry, please give us a call at the Ottauquechee Health Foundation, 802-457-4188, or email us at to learn more about this wonderful and free service.

*Update: The OHF caregiver referral service will soon be merging with the Thompson Senior Center to create a more streamlined caregiver application process as well as a more complete referral service to our valued community members seeking care. Please check back regularly for updates on this exciting new collaboration.