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Homecare Grants

OHF Homecare Grants are available for community members requiring in-home caregiving services who are unable to pay for them. These grants are available short term to keep community members safe in their homes as they recover from life events requiring additional assistance.

Through the grant, a caregiver is assigned to the person in need. The caregiver can assist with bathing, food preparation, house cleaning, and general supervision.

In addition to helping the community member, OHF Homecare Grants also provide employment opportunities for caregivers living in the area.

OHF can help locate caregivers for people who need them as well as find equipment, such as walkers, crutches, shower stools, and more, to be used in in-home care.

Application determines eligibility.  

If you have questions about OHF Homecare Grants, please contact the office at 802.457.4188 or email us.

Support Homecare Grants by donating to the OHF.