For more than 20 years, the Ottauquechee Health Foundation has fostered health and wellness in our communities through support for education and initiatives, and grants to help our neighbors meet their healthcare needs. OHF helps people with limited financial resources to access health and wellness services they might not otherwise receive, including medical care, dental care and dentures, hearing aids, eyeglasses, counseling and caregiver support.

OHF began its history as a health center in the Simmons House (facing Pleasant Street) in the 1950s, building and moving into the current health center building in 1974. In 1996, health service delivery was taken on by a local hospital and the Foundation was created in its current form, focused on providing grants and supporting access to health care in our community.

Since 1956, when a group of community members came together, there has been a sense that having a health center in Woodstock provided a public benefit to the community. We have continued to support that notion through many changes in health care delivery: from the building of the clinic building in the back in 1974, to turning over of operation of the clinic to Dartmouth Hitchcock in 1997; to the removal of emergency services and lab processing at the site; to the passing along of clinic operation to Mt. Ascutney Hospital & Health Center (MAHHC) in 2007, and to selling the Health Center in 2013 to D.E. Wells Construction, INC. with MAHHC continuing to provide health care services.



Woodstock endorses Health Center Plan

history of Woodstock health and wellness Ottauquechee Health FoundationCommittee cites critical issues of the inability to attract new doctors from the lack of adequate facilities and current doctors retiring

1956: “Woodstock Area in Favor of Proposed Health Center”. An article printed in the Vermont Standard highlighted the Health Study Committee results and the strong call for a Community Health Center.

1958: Smith/Simmons House was purchased/donated to the Ottauquechee Health Center, Inc. by an anonymous donor.

Key Players

J. Peter Gratiot: In 1956, Mr. Gratiot served on the Board of Trustees of the Ottauquechee Health Center as Assistant Treasurer.

George B. Biggs: George Biggs, President of the Board of Trustees for the Ottauquechee Health Center receives a check from Mrs. William Emmons, Jr. Biggs was a major organizer and financial supporter of the Center. 

Dr. Hugh Hermann: Dr. Hermann was the first doctor to serve in the new health center in 1056. 

Dr. Jack Butz: Dr. Butz was the first dentist to join the Health Center staff in 1958. From there, he served his community for his entire career.

Dr. Edward Shepard: Joining in 1969, Dr. Shepard was a mainstay of the Center’s practice for three decades.

David Williams and Family: Davis Williams and family were among the first families to receive care at the center in 1958.