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Mindful SELF/Windsor Central Wellness Initiative

The Ottauquechee Health Foundation’s Mindful SELF (Social Emotional Learning Foundations) Program has been fostering social and emotional learning through mindfulness education in area schools for three years. Classes have focused on teaching mindful awareness skills to elementary children, as well as teachers and staff, in order to build a culture of mindfulness, resiliency, and social-emotional wellbeing.  Mindfulness is a secular practice that helps cultivate enhanced, non-judgemental awareness.  The popular techniques have been taught in numerous academic, community, and clinical settings with results suggesting improved health and wellbeing including self-regulation, increased social skills, reduction of problem behaviors and decrease in bullying and hostility. 

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Caregiver Referral

The Martha Lussier Health Information and Referral Service (HIRS) served the greater Woodstock Community by making referrals from a registry of experienced caregivers, without charge, to all families and individuals who are seeking in-home assistance.  This is particularly important to family members who desperately need a respite from their role as on-going caregivers.

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Education and Outreach

Below Market Rent for Non-profit Health Providers

The Foundation offers below market rent to its non-profit tenants and health care providers in Simmons House. This is possible in part due to the Town and Village of Woodstock providing property tax exemption for the Foundation’s property.

Conference Space for Local Non Profits

Ottauquechee Health Initiatives

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