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Kari Meutsch


Kari and her husband Kristian moved to Bridgewater in 2017 when they took over ownership of the Yankee Bookshop in Woodstock, Vermont. Owning a bookstore had been a lifelong dream, and after careers of bookselling around the country the two were excited to make the move to the Upper Valley to become stewards of an historic business. Serving OHF will be her first experience with nonprofit work, outside of volunteering at the Lucy Mackenzie Humane Society and the fundraising that she and her husband do through the Yankee Bookshop. 

Kari has a BA in Accounting with a minor in Communications, and has traveled the country working in bookstores in four different states serving communities of every makeup from rural to urban in a literary capacity. Since bookstores are often a gathering place, she has been privileged to get to know a wide swath of the people in every town she has called home. She has been inspired by the important work that OHF is doing for the healthcare needs of her neighbors, and is looking forward to giving her time to her community in a whole new way.

When she isn’t around books, Kari enjoys photographing the world around her. She can often be found making something out of yarn or paper, doing a puzzle, or spending time with her husband, cats & chickens on their hillside home.