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OHF Responds to COVID-19

OHF’s mission is rooted in helping communities thrive in the face of adversity—whether that adversity is navigating and supplementing health insurance shortfalls or meeting the unexpected needs of a community during a global health crisis.

To meet the challenges of the pandemic, OHF has responded in 3 key ways:

Changes to Good Neighbor Grants

On March 15, 2020, OHF modified its granting policy to broaden the list of things the Foundation will award Good Neighbor Grants for. These includes unforeseen expenses such as medical bills, insurance co-pays, and any other health and wellness requests that fall outside of normal granting policy guidelines.

If you need assistance covering medical costs, whether because of COVID-19 or not, download a Good Neighbor Grant application.

Community support

As a part of the communities we serve, OHF helped other community organizations meet the demands of the pandemic.


  • Provided gloves, masks, and toilet paper for distribution to clients of local food shelves
  • Assisted these same organizations with volunteer hours by staff and board members. OHF also provided financial support to these organizations totaling over $6,000 to date
  • Worked with Ottauquechee Health Center’s Community Care Coordinator to ensure food delivery to area residents in need continued
  • Handled requests to the Woodstock Area Relief Fund for assistance with health-and-wellness-related requests

School Support

OHF funded hands-free sanitation stations, provided “Safe Space” mats to ensure social distancing and provide for social-emotional retreat spaces for students, and subsidized an art therapist who specializes in trauma therapy.

Learn more about how OHF supports school-aged children in our communities.

As the pandemic continues, OHF will constantly re-evaluate the needs of the communities and patrons we serve, and we will adapt to meet those needs in this ever-changing situation.